Fantastic News4Joy!

I would like to a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to our 4Joy Appeal.

When I set up the appeal at the end of August 2013 my aim was to raise £20,000 to name four Guide Dog Pups4Joy but I have been overwhelmed by the response and I am pleased to announce that we have now reached £30,000, yes that is right £30,000!

Instead of naming 4Pups4Joy we are now going to name 6Pups4Joy.

We already have four of the puppies being puppy walked in Swindon (Joy, Fletcher, Elsie and Winnie) and we have named two more puppies, Craven and Charity, who are waiting to be born.

Joy touched the hearts of a lot of people who met her and this has shown in this fantastic response. I cannot thank you all enough.