The aim of the website is to raise at least £5000 to “Name a Puppy” to be called Joy and pay for the first year’s training of the puppy. We hope to ultimately raise enough to fund 4pups4Joy. I hope you will be able to fundraise4Joy and help us to reach our goal.

What can you do to help

You can fundraise4Joy in many ways:

Jump4Joy, dance4Joy, run4Joy, walk4Joy, swim4Joy, sing4Joy, writeasong4Joy, bake4Joy, dineinthedark4Joy, coffeemorning4Joy, haveaquiz4Joy, currynight4Joy, hopskip&jump4Joy, drive4Joy, cycle4Joy, charityball4Joy, in fact you can do almost anything4Joy (as long as it is legal)…

Or, you can just donate4Joy.

We have a sponsorship form 4Joy which you can download, don’t forget to get the Gift Aid box ticked and the full home address (including Post Code) is required as company address does not meet the legal requirements.

4Joy Sponsorship Form (PDF)

4Joy Sponsorship Form (Word)

It is also very important for you to inform me of your event, just go to the contact page and use the form or call me on 01793-827589.