Fundraising News


Thank you to everyone who fundraised and donated to our 4Joy appeal during 2013.

I am pleased to announce that we met our £20,000 target at the end of 2013 which is absolutely amazing. It has been achieved thanks to your ingenuity, hard work and fantastic fundraising ideas such as Open House4Joy, Washing Cars4Joy, Swimming4Joy,ScootingToSchool4Joy and Singing4Joy to name a few.

Our first two Pups4Joy, named Joy and Fletcher are now with their respective guide dog puppy walkers in the Swindon area and are doing very well. You can find out more on the Pups4Joy page. We have named the third and fourth puppies Elsie and Winnie after Shirley’s and my mum.

A number of people are still raising funds 4Joy and because of this we have decided to carry on and try to raise enough for 5Pups4Joy or even 6Pups4Joy.


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